Brainswap Finance
Low supply yield farming token- the key to the ecosystem of Brain and all its services.

Literally a No-Brainer

Welcome to Brainswap, your next favorite yield farm! We're here to provide quality services for the usual degenerate on the Polygon Network which can be ensured due to our experience within this field. We've been around when Sushi first appeared as well as Yearn introduced their first vaults. Many exploits have successfully drained millions of dollars with vulnerabilities people nowadays don't even know exist.
Unlike other devs, we don't hide from our projects nor do we create so called ''project accounts'' which in my opinion is a huge red flag and usually used by scams.
We have a track record of projects which originally involves NFT - and could easily be integrated on this Protocol. Full unique and custom NFT & Fee Yield farming contracts with NFT staking is already developed. We decide to release it once we see that the community can handle such a quest because it needs much attention and work.
Last modified 6mo ago
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